Jumbo 52 on 1 Card Set

Jumbo 52 on 1 Card Set

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This is a set of four laminated Jumbo cards that incorporates the popular 52 on 1 card and consists of a card with a bicycle style back and on the opposite side a full deck of 52 playing cards.

The most popular use is to display the card either back upwards or inside an envelope as your prediction. Have a card freely selected or simply named and claim your prediction is correct as the named card is on the prediction card – together with the rest of the pack!

Or force a card from a regular pack then show all 52 cards as your prediction – finally turn the jumbo 52 on 1 card over to show that it has the correct card on its back.

In this super set we supply one 52 – 1 with the Bicycle style back, plus three 52 0n 1 cards each with a different card on its back, these being the Seven of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts , and the King of spades so that you can repeat the effect when table-hopping or performing again to the same group of people.

It is a good idea to have these four laminated Jumbo 52-1 cards varied in this way so that you can change the force card from person to person.

We give you practical suggestions on using this set of four jumbo sized comedy cards that is always a hit in your show causing much laughter and amusement and is very useful when things go wrong making the perfect out!

Comes with the specially made laminated Jumbo cards & instructions. Use your own deck of cards for the force.

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