Tri-Colour Divination

Tri-Colour Divination

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Exclusive to us. A spectator shuffles three envelopes and places them upon the table, one in front of himself, one in front of another spectator and one in front of you.

Each of the envelopes contains one different coloured chip, but these are sight unseen.

You give three different coloured chips to both spectators and keep three for you.

The spectator and you eliminate two chips each and incredibly the remaining chips that you each are left with match the ones in their own envelopes!

Important point: The spectator starts to discard chips and you each have to discard a different colour from the others.

Everything looks so fair with no sleight of hand. What a stunning effect! Tri-Colour Divination can also be performed with coins, banknotes, dice, balls, candles and the like if you so wish.

Comes complete with instructions and all the Chips.

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