Witches & Wizards - with Jumbo Picture Cards

Witches & Wizards - with Jumbo Picture Cards

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A great FUN routine to include either in your close-up show, or as a stand-up routine, using the theme of Witches & Wizards.

You set out to perform a trick with three wizards and three witches but on counting the cards you seem to have an extra wizard so you toss one away and start again.

Again you count the cards but magically once more you have a wizard card too many – so again he is removed so that you can re-start your effect.

This happens again and yet again – an extra wizard keeps on appearing amongst the cards no matter how slowly and carefully you count them.

Even a spectator can count the cards, only to find that a wizard has magically appeared among the cards while they are in his own hands.

Finally you give up the trick in exasperation and pass on to your next mystery!

•No trick cards are used – no pockets or similar.
•No rough & smooth or sticky substances.
•Very easy to do!

Comes with laminated Jumbo Picture Cards & instructions.

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