Bikini Girls

Bikini Girls

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A large laminated A4 sized prediction card is placed in full view and not touched by you again.

You now show a book of Bikini Girls each dressed in a different coloured bikini and draw attention to the fact that each page has been cut across its width four times thus dividing each page into four sections.

When each of these four sections are flicked in turn, the girl pictures change to show different colours for headscarves and hair, bikini tops, bikini bottoms and flipflops.

Four gentlemen in turn each freely lift and display one section of the girls to create the perfect bikini girlfriend, thus they may create a young lady with a green headscarf and red hair, orange bikini top, blue bikini bottoms and purple flipflops.

Incredibly when your prediction picture is turned over by a spectator (remember you don’t touch it) it is an exact duplicate of the Bikini Girl created by the four gentlemen!

If you are a clown, you, or your lovely assistant, can whip off your costume and show that you are also dressed to match the Bikini Girl in the picture. An illusionist might magically produce a young lady or other character dressed as the Bikini Girl – the possibilities are almost endless.

This will be a big feature in your shows yet packs flat into the bottom of your case where it is ready to perform without reset. Almost self-working being easy to do and simply requires you to present it and take your applause!

Comes with the special A4 sized four-way Bikini Girls book, prediction picture & instructions. Use your own costume.

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