Dancing Ring

Dancing Ring

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Dancing Ring is perfect for your stage and cabaret shows but it can also be performed reasonably close up to your audience.

You show a large plastic ring approx 3” in diameter (7.5 cm) and a length of white rope, stretching the rope between your hands you drop the ring on top of the rope where it appears to balance.

Just then the music start to play and the ring obligingly dances along and around the rope from side to side in a highly amusing and amazing manner.

Suddenly the music stops and the ring immediately penetrates the rope and is seen hanging at its centre!

You will learn to perform it in less than 30 minutes and then have a feature effect for the rest of your magical life. Easy to do requiring just a little handling practice. Looks sensational and is a very visual effect.

Comes complete with the magicians’ rope, ring & instructions.

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