Rainbow Rings, Ribbons & Ropes

Rainbow Rings, Ribbons & Ropes

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You really will find a pot of gold at the end of your magical rainbow when you feature this colourful effect in your children or adults’ shows.

Rainbow Rings, Ribbons & Ropes is a big feature effect and we give you two delightful and colourful routines by Douglas Francis and Len Belcher that you will want to feature in all your shows.

The basic effect is that six coloured rings with lengths of colourful ribbons permanently attached to them penetrate off two long lengths of coloured ropes at the wave of your magic wand!

Several children are involved in holding the ends of the ropes and ribbons, so there is plenty of scope for some very funny business making this a colourful magical routine par excellence!

In the second routine only the two rings selected by the birthday child penetrate, and the others stay still threaded firmly on the ropes!

Based on a splendid magical classic seldom seen performed today – this is fun and magic at its very best.

Supplied complete and ready for you to perform – only the skill of presentation is required once you know the secret.

Everything can be thoroughly examined by the audience as nothing is faked in any way. Highly recommended!

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