Mental Board Refills

Mental Board Refills

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REFILL Mental Board by I-Magic

2 refill pads (60 uses) for Mental Board. (Please see elsewhere on our website for Mental Board.)

The magician tears a sheet of paper out of a notebook and places it on the clipboard. He hands over a clipboard and pen to the spectator and turns around.

He then asks the spectator to write any word or mark, to fold the paper in half and then hold the paper in their hand.

The magician takes back the clipboard and the pen from the spectator, then takes a sheet of paper from the notebook and places it on the clipboard.

The magician writes his prediction. Finally, the spectator opens the paper and both are the same!

Mental Board Refill dimensions approximately 3" x 4 1/4" (7.6cm x 10.8cm)and sold at a sensible price.

Only £6.99

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