Transparent Playing Cards

Transparent Playing Cards

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This stylish pack of playing cards is made from transparent, flexible material with a smart swirl design on the back and the usual suit designs printed on the face, so you cannot see the cards’ value from their backs.

And yet they have a subtle secret that will enable you to perform many, many tricks close-up, walkabout, parlour and stage.

Smart, cool and fresh-looking, your audience will be amazed that they can see right through the cards but cannot see right through your tricks!

*Find any card freely chosen by a spectator and they themselves shuffle it back into the pack.
*Perform an amazing card stab routine!
*Discover five freely chosen cards by using your five different senses, one for each card.
*Reveal a card that a spectator is simply thinking of!
*Perform the greatest mental stop trick ever!

You will soon be thinking up many more with this clever, classy pack. By the way the cards are perfect for the double lift!

Comes with a full pack of 52 Transparent Playing Cards, two Jokers & instructions for several stunning tricks. Was £8.49

Only £6.99

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