Snake Can with Three Snakes

Snake Can with Three Snakes

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Show the can of Carter's Cocktail Peanuts, shaking them so that the peanuts are heard to rattle inside the can.

Take off the lid and 3 jumbo sized spring snakes jump out all over the place - truly hilarious!

There is also a lot of fun getting them back into the can with the help of audience members, only whenever you try to put the third snake back in the other two jump out again.

Finally all three snakes are in the can but you trap your finger putting the lid on and everything, snakes, can and lid fly all over the show!

We supply the special Snake Can with a really tight lid for safety, together with the three stunning spring snakes inside.

Practice releasing the snakes as you try to replace them and accidentally letting those in the can fly out again and you will have five minutes of great comedy that everyone will enjoy!

Sold at a great low Mr.'E' price.

Only £7.99

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