Bar Code Gag Plus

Bar Code Gag Plus

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One of our best sellers! Bar-Code Gag has been around for quite some time & is always good for a laugh, Ken De Courcy suggested that it be coupled with a Psychological Force & Eddie Burke came up with a stunning alternative idea that makes the effect 100% certain!

Both presentations are given, together with two printed A4 sized Bar-Codes, card file & instructions.

You show a closed card file, inside which you claim is a prediction of an item on sale at a local supermarket.

A spectator is asked to think what price the item may be and announce it out loud.

You show your prediction, removing it from the folder and everyone has a good laugh, for the price is displayed as a bar-code.

However the last laugh is with you for when you turn the card around and the exact named price is printed in bold numbers on the opposite side!

This is ideal for compères, magicians, mentalists & entertainers who like to put a laugh into their show, but now it is also an intriguing mystery that will make your audience wonder “How on earth did he know that?”

Packs at the bottom of your show case and so is always ready to perform.

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