Man Who Never Was - Close-up size

Man Who Never Was - Close-up size

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Three spot playing cards are shown backs and fronts as you recite the following nonsensical rhyme;

As I was walking up the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today,
Wish that man would stay away!

To everyone’s surprise as you reach the line ‘I met a man who wasn’t there’, one of the spot cards mysteriously changes into a King or Jack picture card.

“He wasn't there again today,"

On this line the picture card disappears, changing back to a spot card once more!

“Wish that man would stay away!”

The three spot cards are shown back and front and there is no sign of the picture card!

Man Who Never Was is a fabulous novel routine and thoroughly mystifying, yet so very easy to do requiring no sleight of hand.

Comes complete with the special playing cards & instructions.

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