The Buddha Whispers - Small pocket size

The Buddha Whispers - Small pocket size

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This is quite an unusual psychic style effect that you will enjoy performing, carry it in your pocket and it is always ready!

Anyone may simply think of any playing card in a pack. They are encouraged to pay the Buddha, who then whispers the name of their freely thought of card into your ear – and you name it correctly!

If you wish, you can give them a reading based upon their freely thought of card.

•No playing cards are used, no confederates or assistants.
•Can be carried in your pocket and is always ready to perform.
•No forcing – they really do have a free choice and can mentally think of ANY playing card they wish.
•Spectator does not have to name their playing card before you reveal its name! No lip-reading.
•Thoroughly practical method that is easy to do.

Comes complete with golden Buddha figure (approx 2" high) & instructions.

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