Tommy Windsor's Pop Corn Dye Box - January Sale 30% Off

Tommy Windsor's Pop Corn Dye Box - January Sale 30% Off

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This terrific Pop Corn Dye Box is suitable for children's or adults' shows, parlour, club or stage.

An innocent appearing popcorn size box is shown empty on all sides. Performer then produces silks, cards, ropes and so on. Excellent for dyeing silks, restoring mutilated handkerchiefs etc.

Our favourite is to place white, lipstick (or ink) stained silks into the box, turn the box upside down and remove them perfectly clean.

The audience demand to see inside the box as they have seen you turn it upside down - after a little bit of the usual by play in which you turn it this way and that, you open the cardboard box and show that it is completely empty!

Instructions for 12 different tricks furnished which include Colour Changing Silks, Magic Soap Effect, Cut & Restored Tie, Flowers or Silk production, Cut & Restored Ribbon, Multiplying Coins and much more, there is even an item for the Mentalist.

Use your own silks and ribbons. We supply the special Pop Corn Dye Box that is a joy to use and is sold at a really bargain pocket money low price.

Absolutely no skill required. Every magician should have this excellent device. Highly recommended!

Only £8.95

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