Toss Away Prediction - KdC

Toss Away Prediction - KdC

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Here is a fantastic prediction effect by ideas-man Ken de Courcy that is ideal for cabaret or stage use that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences!

You show three giant A4 playing cards, backs out and have a spectator freely choose any one of them, no force. The selected card is left in full view still back outwards, or the spectator can place it face down on his chair and sit on it.

The other two cards are now shown and they are both different.

Next you show a regular deck of playing cards spreading them out so all the faces are shown and they are well mixed. The participant now cuts the pack into halves and you then hold half the pack in each hand.

The spectator himself decides which half is to be tossed away (again no force) and it is freely shown to be mixed cards and tossed into a unfaked bag.

Again the spectator cuts the half pack left and freely chooses which half is to be kept and which half is tossed away, again the cards are shown to be all different.

From the few cards left, which can be fanned faces towards the audience, the spectator chooses just one card and the balance are tossed away into the bag.

The spectator himself now picks up the prediction giant A4 card and displays it to the audience and IT EXACTLY MATCHES THE SPECTATOR’S CARD CHOSEN UNDER THESE IMPOSSIBLE CONDITIONS!

No switch of card, no sleights or skill required; it is the very card finally chosen.

Comes with the three giant A4 prediction cards, unfaked bag,quality Bicycle pack & instructions.

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