Talking Dice

Talking Dice

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Easy to do, very effective and perfect for beginners!

You show two round barrels with lids on, turn your back towards the spectator, ask him to put a die into the smaller barrel, remember the top number of the die and then replace the lid all while your back is still turned.

Having done so, you comment that it is impossible for you to see through the barrel and demonstrate, but just to make sure you drop the small barrel into the bigger barrel and replace its lid.

You now hold the barrels to your ear as if listening to the die talk to you and amazingly reveal the die's number!

No magnets or extra gimmicks are used. We have fooled everyone with this super trick that is easily carried in your pocket & always ready to perform. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with one large barrel (approx 1.25 x 1", 3 x 2.5cms) & one small barrel (approx 1 x .75, 2.5 x 2cms), die & instructions.

Post free to addresses within the UK.

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