Middle Diddle Silk

Middle Diddle Silk

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You show a board with three holes spaced along it at intervals.

The two end sections of the board are coloured respectively red and yellow while the centre section is black and white like Zebra stripes, allowing the audience to easily identify each section.

A silk handkerchief is passed through the hole in the red section and the ends tied together so that it cannot be easily removed.

You pass the board around your back and it is shown that the silk has now magically jumped from one end to the other it is now securely tied through the hole in the yellow section.

This is repeated again, the silk, still tied, jumping back to the red end again.

The audiences are not impressed and soon tell you that you are simply turning the board around and that the colours on the back are at the opposite ends.

"All right", you say, "which hole do you want the handkerchief to jump to – the one on the left or the one on the right?" They all call back “In the middle!”

You reply, “I never mentioned the middle – I said left or right!” But they still insist, “In the middle!”

Saying that will take some special magic – you get the audience to call out your magic word and the handkerchief is now securely tied IN THE MIDDLE HOLE!

A guaranteed laughter and applause-getter from any audience.

Comes with the compact mechanical board (approx 11" x 4"), red 100% silk handkerchief, routine & instructions. Was £9.99 now

Only £7.99

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