Malini Egg Bag with Wooden Egg - SOLD OUT

Malini Egg Bag with Wooden Egg - SOLD OUT

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Sorry this item is no longer available - a cheaper version can be found on this website under Malini Egg Bag (low cost)

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An egg repeatedly vanishes and is reproduced from an examined empty cloth bag!

The invisible Malini-style pocket means that a spectator can feel with their hand inside the bag and discover nothing.

This is a feature effect for close-up, cabaret or stage and also ideal for walkabout and entertaining children.

We supply the absolutely beautiful black soft rugged loose "Malini" type bag plus Trevor Lewis's very clever "Sunday Egg" routine.

Comes with the special well-made black bag, realistic wooden egg & photo-illustrated instructions. 1 in stock.

Only £19.99

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