Houdini's Great Escape

Houdini's Great Escape

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Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz on the 24th March 1874 & died on 31st October 1926, aged 52 years. He was a Hungarian-born American illusionist.

Weisz first attracted attention in American vaudeville and then later as “Harry ‘Handcuff’ Houdini” on a tour of Europe, where he challenged police forces to keep him locked up. He extended his repertoire to include chains, ropes, hanging from skyscrapers and most famously underwater stunts when he had to escape whilst holding his breath inside a sealed milk can filled with water.

Here we present a captivating close-up effect featuring a laminated picture of Houdini together with two pictures of prison bars, which can be locked with a small padlock with Houdini sandwiched between them.

Despite being shown fastened in this impossible position right up until the very last minute, it is seen that incredibly the great Houdini has vanished completely leaving the prison cell cards & padlock still firmly locked together! Houdini then reappears from an impossible location. Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes with mini padlock/key, Houdini, and prison bars picture cards & instructions.

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