Magician's Carrier Bag

Magician's Carrier Bag

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The Magician’s Carrier Bag is large and colourful, made of strong card with string handles, the kind of thing you see children arrive at parties with containing their gifts for the birthday child.

The designs of the bags that we supply do vary.

With care one of these will last you for many years of trouble-free performances.

At any time the bag can be fully opened and shown completely empty, a child may even feel inside, close the top and say your magic word then produce a spectacular load of silks, ribbons and other items from it to make a colourful magical display!

Or drop something inside and make it vanish without a trace – instantly!

Place a number of silks you have just magically produced from elsewhere, say your magic word, then produce a pile of lollipops or sweets from the bag to the delight of your young audience who will soon make them disappear once again as you distribute one to each child.

Perfect for the mentalist to exchange billets as the bag looks so natural.

Use your super Magician’s Carrier Bag for almost anything a regular change bag will do – and then some more! No secret steals or body-loads are used.

We supply the strongly made gift bag that has been specially gimmicked, plus full instructions for this easy-to-use versatile item.

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