Lettuce Lennie

Lettuce Lennie

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Lettuce Lennie is the cutest white rabbit that the children have ever seen. The trouble is that he is eating too much lettuce from your garden lettuce patch and he dreams that his fur has all turned green – sure enough you show that he really HAS turned green!

However the next morning it has all been a bad dream and his fur is a lovely snowy white once again.

The above change from white to green and then back again can be performed several times but even the youngest children quickly click on that you are simply turning the picture around, so they demand to see Lennie’s back – with all the usual turn it around business that is so popular with children of all ages.

Eventually of course you do show Lennie’s back, complete with his cute little tail and what you would expect that Lennie is white on his back as well as his front, bringing this entertaining and direct effect to a laughter making and logical conclusion!

Supplied complete with laminated A5 picture cards, Lennie’s house with cut-out window and lettuce patch at the rear (actually it’s one of our A5 size switching envelopes that does all the hard work for you) supplied together with the full routine and instructions.

Big enough for the average size children’s audience yet takes up no room in your bag and is very easy to do!

Sold at a Mr. ‘E’ low price.

Only £7.99

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