Clip Board - Pocket Size

Clip Board - Pocket Size

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One of our best sellers. It is essential that a mentalist's props look as natural and inconspicuous as possible. After all, a mentalist is not supposed to be using any props, and if he has to use them, they should resemble everyday objects.

Our Pocket Clip Board in appearance is the most ordinary piece of cardboard with a clip to hold a sheet of paper. Yet it is very cleverly gimmicked as an invaluable mentalist's aid.

The Pocket Clip Board is a secret device to give you access to anything written or drawn by a spectator and the paper retained by him.

You can have one or more spectators write a few words, or numbers, or even draw some simple picture or design on a piece of paper, which is then folded and retained by them for later verification.

You apparently read their minds and reveal or reproduce the word, number, picture or design!

To all appearances this is just a small board with a simple clip which holds a sheet of paper, however you the performer can easily access what has been written.

You can easily retrieve what has been secretly written during your actual performance without having to go back stage or similar to know what they have written.

Several exciting and clever ideas and routines are suggested in the instructions but with a little imagination you could devise several mind boggling routines of your own.

The great low price allows you to own several of these Pocket Clip Boards and involve several spectators in your mindreading routines at the same time.

With care these super low price Clip Boards will give you lots of trouble-free years of use!

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