Here Come The Girls - Sold out orry

Here Come The Girls - Sold out orry

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This is based on Marvillo’s wonderful effect Night Out In Paris, but using several more pictures of attractive models and a different presentation.

It’s the ideal close-up effect to show the boys!

You show several pocket sized laminated cards, each of which has the picture of an attractive young woman on it, who you claim are members of your local dating agency.

You now show how you can get an instant date direct, by counting the cards down until only one is left in your hand; this proves to be a real beauty.

Any male spectator tries the same thing but ends up with a real stinker!

Again you take the cards and are left with a second attractive young lady.

A second spectator gives it a try and ends up a most unattractive woman for his trouble.

We supply the eight laminated close-up size pictures, which can be examined as none of them are faked in any way, plus the clever routine & full instructions.

This really is one to pull on the boys at the club or bar but is also perfect for parlour, table-hopping and small audiences. Easy to do!

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