Len Belcher on 2-Person Mentalism

Len Belcher on 2-Person Mentalism

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Millions of people have thrilled to sensational and uncanny demonstrations of Mental Telepathy but today this is a novelty act seldom seen – and yet it is such superb and exciting entertainment!

For a number of years the legendary Len Belcher and his brother Ron presented a highly sort after and profitable two-person Mental Telepathy Act; as a result of which Len did a great deal of hard, deep and positive thinking on the work of such double acts.

In this book can be found some of the fruits of his work which were originally published by Len in Abracadabra magazine.

Tremendous Commercial Possibilities! Many magicians and mentalists have shied away from this sort of presentation, the two main reasons being that they felt the audience would think that it was all down to a secret transmitter, the other reason is that they felt that there would be far too much work in learning such an act. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Audiences are still astounded and baffled by such presentations worldwide and the few couples that are doing this are among the busiest and highest paid performers in the field of entertainment.

Len’s intelligent methods revealed in this book could be very quickly and easily learned by any couple who wished to do so.

Imagine being able to blindfold one partner and with their back turned, they then can name objects passed to the other partner in the audience.

Or imagine being able to present a truly startling Question & Answer act; where the written questions are sealed in envelopes and answered by the medium – without one ahead, switches, window or slit envelopes, carbon or other impressions etc – and the sealed envelopes handed straight back to the spectator without a clue to the methods being used!

Twelve different and practical two-person Mental Telepathy effects as presented by Len & Ron are revealed.

This is reputation-making mental entertainment of the highest calibre.

Len’s routines are fully explained and lend themselves for you to start your own Two-Person Mental presentation straight away!

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