Astro Numerology Chart

Astro Numerology Chart

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When Astra first showed me this item in the year 2000, we both agreed that we should keep it for our own use for a period of ten years, which would make it 2010.

That time has now passed and it is time for me to release this marvellous effect to the magical fraternity.

Ideal for table-hopping and apparent fortune telling – as well as being the most stunning prediction you could ever wish for.

You could easily perform it as part of giving readings at a Psychic Party or at Psychic Fayres. The results are different for each person.

The secret is so subtle that you will actually successfully perform it without understanding yourself how it works – but it does work, and EVERY time!

With the aid of the special laminated Astro Numerology Chart that we supply (please see the picture) you are able to predict each spectator’s own personal lucky number according to the initials of their name – and you don’t need to know what they are in advance.

We supply two Astro Numerology Charts; one A4 size for more formal readings and the other a small A6 size to carry in your pocket or wallet so that you are always ready to perform.

You need nothing else save paper and pen for you to calculate and write your predictions.

There is no force of numbers. Always ready to perform & utterly baffling.

Ideal to use when giving readings but you can present it as a straight forward prediction, anywhere, anytime, with no prior or advanced knowledge.

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