Voodoo Doll - Okito - Sorry out of stock

Voodoo Doll - Okito - Sorry out of stock

Product ID: 1883

Voodoo Doll by Okito is back again and even better than years ago.

Show a small creepy-looking straw voodoo doll and lay it on the palm of your hand.

On your command the doll slowly begins to mysteriously rise until it's in a complete upright position.

Then slowly the straw doll lays back down in your hand and plays dead!

For children, we call the doll a little scarecrow who rises to scare the crows away.

One can hand the doll out. Perform Voodoo Doll anywhere. No threads or wires! Dead easy to do.

Voodoo Doll is about 2.75" high and approximately 2.60" across its outstretched arms. Ideal to carry in your pocket and fool everyone, anywhere and anytime.

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