Spell Time Card Prediction - Giant Size

Spell Time Card Prediction - Giant Size

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A superb stage or cabaret effect! The closest effect to mind control that you will ever perform!

I have several favourite close-up effects for my acts and nearly always include my Spell Time Card Prediction, based on a very old effect I sold nearly thirty years ago, but much improved over the years to my present stunning version.

So successful has this been in my close-up work I decided to also use it for stand-up, cabaret and stage performances.

The close-up version is still available using regular size cards and a slightly different presentation (find it on this website); but what I offer here is made from giant A4 size top quality and heavy duty cards.

The effect: You show six playing cards that are spread out in a fan. Some cards have faces towards the audience and some have faces away from them. You also toss out a large sheet of paper rolled into a ball. Whichever spectator catches this takes charge of it. From this moment onwards, you never again touch the ball of paper.

Offering to show an experiment in "mind control" any spectator calls any of the numbers from one to six inclusive.

The card at this number is taken out and left in full view. Remember any number from one through to six can be selected, no force of number.

Your tossed out prediction paper is opened and the spectator reads your message on this that you have written in advance of the show.

The entire audience will be amazed to find that it is a prediction of the very card so very freely chosen!

A superb prediction effect, which has a wonderful impact when and wherever you perform it!

Please remember the following important points:

*Very easy to do.
*Perform it anywhere – anytime!
*Apart from their size only ordinary playing cards, and an unfaked prediction paper are used.
*Any number from one to six and including one and six can be used.
*Only one prediction paper is used, no switch. Every word on this is read out aloud by the spectator exactly as written!
*Can be presented as an entertaining observation test involving the entire audience.

Spell Time Card Prediction can also be presented by having six spectators holding one card each in full view, or three spectators holding two cards one in each hand, making a big illusion style display that can be packed flat into the bottom of your case.

Supplied complete with all the quality Giant Size playing cards and full detailed instructions and routines.

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