Totally Bewildering

Totally Bewildering

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Five spectators are invited forwards and sit in chairs facing the audience.

You now show five large C5 (162 x 229 mm) sealed envelopes which are mixed together and each of the volunteers receives one which they are requested to sit upon and to let no one touch it and to keep their eye on it!
Next you introduce a further five sealed envelopes which you proceed to number from one through to five, these are then also mixed.

Each spectator chooses a number from one to five (no force) and four of them receive their chosen number.

Let us say that the fifth gentleman is left with envelope number three – you introduce a sixth numbered envelope for him and mix these two envelopes together, he is then given a choice of either three or six. He receives the envelope number which he chooses and the odd envelope is passed without exchange to an audience member.
The five gentlemen now open their envelopes to find that they each have one half of a different giant playing card.

They next all open the envelopes they have been sitting on from the start and each find the other half of their giant playing card which they match together showing the audience making an applause-pulling display!

The spectator still holding your odd man out envelope discarded by the final gentleman opens it to find you have indeed the odd card out – and what is more there is a big applause-pulling surprise finish to this bewildering routine that we won’t reveal here, sufficient to say it’s a real stunner!

Totally Bewildering is a professional routine and is supplied complete with the Giant half cards, envelopes, full instructions and special secret ‘something’ that makes it all possible.

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