Close-Up Magic by Jean Hugard

Close-Up Magic by Jean Hugard

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Inside this paperback booklet Mr. Hugard has compiled a splendid collection of close-up effects with all information about this popular style of magic.

The eleven chapters include:

*Introductory Tricks (3 items)
*Miscellaneous Tricks (9 Items)
*Handkerchief Tricks (5 items)
*Tricks with Bills (banknotes) (5 items)

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*Tricks with Cards (3 items)
*Tricks with Cigarettes (3 items)
*Sponge Balls (complete routine)
*Tricks with Coins (10 items)
*Tricks at the Table (8 items)
*Vesting and Sleeving chapter
*Effective Gags (4 items)

57-page paperback booklet chock-full of ideas for the close-up worker, with black & white illustrations throughout.

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