Mismade Thank You Silk - Set of 2 18" silks

Mismade Thank You Silk - Set of 2 18" silks

Product ID: 1972

This superb silk set is based on a concept of Steve Bender, owner of Ickle Pickle Products.

The single "Mismade Thank You" silk has been around for many years, but Steve added a second normal "Thank You" silk to give the performer a better conclusion to the routine.

This comical ending to a performance works very well for magicians, clowns and MCs

At the conclusion of your act you display a silk on which is written a 'mismade' version of the words 'Thank You.' In desperation you turn the silk in various ways in an unsuccessful attempt to make the words look correct.

Finally in disgust, you poke the silk into either your hand or small cloth bag and mutter a few magic (or other!) words.

When you next pull it out and display it again it correctly spells 'Thank You'!

A true applause-puller that could also be a running gag through out your act!

With children have the birthday child say the magic word and now the silk correctly says 'Thank You'!

Silk dimensions comes in a set of two silks approximately 18" square (45.72cm) & instructions. Use your own change bag.

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