Linking Rope Loops -Coloured Ropes

Linking Rope Loops -Coloured Ropes

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The Magician shows three different coloured ropes; Red, Blue & Green (made of wool) and calls two spectators onto the stage.

He gives each a coloured rope of his choice.

The Magician asks the spectators to tie each one in a circle with a genuine knot and he does the same with his piece of rope.

Without switching the ropes or tampering with the knots, he proceeds to link the solid rings of rope altogether in a chain of three.

Finally, the spectators are allowed to untie the knots and verify that they (the knots) are genuine.

Ropes may vary in length and colour to the ones shown in the video.

Comes complete with the colourful special wool ropes (approx. 75cm in length) and instructions. Easy to do!

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