Adair's Egg Nest

Adair's Egg Nest

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A visual and appealing effect by Ian Adair. This is a ‘Just Chance’ type of effect using five different coloured eggs in a clear net bag.

You explain that one of the eggs was laid by a ‘magic chicken’ and contains a £50 note or a valuable piece of jewellery, while the others contain lucky charms, sweeties or small prizes.

Four spectators now freely choose one of the coloured eggs each. There are no false counts, multiple choice or similar subterfuges, each spectator just dips their hand into the clear net bag and pulls out a coloured egg.

The last egg is left for you, the performer, and you don’t even touch it, pouring it into a wine glass that is left in full view, throughout. Each of the spectators opens their coloured eggs to find small gifts or consolation notes.

Your egg is opened to find it contains the £50 note! Several alternative presentations are possible.

Comes complete with five coloured eggs, net bag & instructions.

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