Happy Sad Clowns

Happy Sad Clowns

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Based on our Farmer & the Witch principle, this is a jumbo colourful version that is ideal for Clowns and children’s entertainers.

You show two A5 laminated pictures, one is the picture of a SAD clown and the other a picture of a HAPPY clown.
In the fun that follows one of the pictures is hidden behind your back and the two clowns magically change places with each other!

The clowns may be used to teach small children about their emotions and how these can quickly change from sad to happy thoughts.

We suggest several entertaining variations that can be presented on this theme of Happy & Sad but you will also soon be coming up with lots of ideas of your own using this clever magical principle together with the colourful pictures of the two clowns.

Ideal for teachers, clowns and children’s entertainers as it packs away flat in your bag and is always ready to perform.

Comes with the necessary cards & instructions.

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