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Yes, you will become a Superstar when you present Superstar in your shows.

Superstar is one of our favourite effects when performing for children and the adults present seem to love it as well.

Based on an effect by Eddie first produced in 1967 called Animal Spell this has now been updated for your modern 21st Century children’s and family audiences with a NEW superb climax!

You show a number of A5 colourful laminated picture cards with different animals on them, explaining that as your spelling is very poor, perhaps the children will help you with it.

A large A4 card is placed in view that contains the names of various animals that you wish to learn how to spell.

Lots of fun here as you get the sounds the animals make all mixed up and the children have to correct you.

In the fun routine that follows the animal names are spelled out and a card moved from top to bottom for each letter, the next card always turns out to be the correct animal for the children – but each time you have a go at spelling an animal you always end up with the MONKEY!

At the finish only two cards are left but you say that you may not be very good at spelling but really you are a SUPERSTAR magician and to prove it you turn over the A4 display word card to show in bold colourful letters the word ‘SUPERSTAR’ so you spell this word but the results are the monkey once again, while your child helper becomes the real SUPERSTAR for helping in your show!

Comes with the picture cards & instructions.

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