Automatic Prediction

Automatic Prediction

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With Eddie's own exclusive routine this is even better than before!

Showing a pack of playing cards you explain that you have a sticky label on one of the cards as your prediction. Any spectator now freely thinks of a number and then secretly removes that number of cards from the deck and hides them in their pocket.

In an intriguing and entertaining sequence that follows, and even though no one save the spectator knows the number of cards taken from the pack, you show that you knew exactly how many have been removed BEFORE they were even taken!

Ideal for close-up & walkabout. Reset in an instant. Ready to work with your own Bicycle pack of cards but you can easily adapt it to any pack of playing cards, even a borrowed one.

*A regular pack of playing cards is used plus just one labelled card.
*Very easy to do and cannot fail.
*Everything can be examined.
*Only one label is used and it is permanently stuck to the card.
*A total mystery that has stood the test of time!

Comes with the special, quality blank Bicycle labelled card & a further extra label for you to use on the joker or other card when using your own pack & instructions.

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