Solomon's Tarot Pack - Waiting New Stock

Solomon's Tarot Pack - Waiting New Stock

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Performers who give psychic demonstrations at parties or psychic evenings will find this special pack of Tarot cards a marvellously useful tool and investment. It is also terrific for close-up, walkabout or cabaret shows.
Various routines are possible, but the following is our favourite.

You spread out & show a pack of Tarot cards, so the audience can see the mixed faces. The cards are now shuffled. Any lady that would like a ‘reading from the cards’ is invited forwards. She cuts the pack and removes any three cards from the point she cut at. She is asked to concentrate on the cards without allowing you to see their faces.

Slowly and with due showmanship, you reveal each card in turn and proceed to give the lady an interesting and buoyant reading from these cards. The routine is both startling and entertaining. Following its performance, everyone present will also want their cards read – making you an extra profit on top of your regular fee!

Routine two: Ladies Choice
Routine three: Simple cut
Routine four: Prediction
Routine five: Super Prediction
Routine six: It's in your pocket.

The special Tarot pack we supply does all the hard work for you. Please note: The cards are not marked and no memory work is required. Easy to do!

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