Navel-Gazing by Dr. Jonathan Royle

Navel-Gazing by Dr. Jonathan Royle

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Mentalists, magicians, hypnotists & psychic entertainers of all kinds looking for something both bizarre and different will find nothing to top this booklet anywhere. It is totally unique and unusual!

For that reason, both modern audiences, TV, radio producers and the media will be fascinated, beating a hasty pathway to the doors of those that can present such a inimitable and extraordinary talent.

The irrepressible Dr Jonathan Royle has been performing the effects and routines he now reveals for the very first time, professionally, for over a decade.

Navel-Gazing is the name given to the peculiar talent of examining a volunteer’s belly button to reveal their past, present and future.

Jonathan’s methods are fully uncovered, including many professional cold-reading techniques that are absolutely sure-fire! In addition, they are easy for you to learn.

Navel Healing is Royle's demonstration of ‘Psychic Healing’ via the belly button, which incredibly does seem to have worked in an amazing number of cases!

Navel Mind Reading is Jonathan’s unique presentation of so called ‘Mind Control’ and ‘Thought Reading’ which he appears to achieve, by studying his volunteers’ belly buttons.

Jonathan made his name almost a household word in the UK. In this booklet he generously reveals his weird and distinctive methods for the very first time. Not available in the shops!

42-page A4 booklet.

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