Telepathic Take-away

Telepathic Take-away

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"And now ladies and gentlemen" you say, "we take a short break for a preview of the Telepathic Take-away, the fastest food restaurant on the planet. It serves every lip-smacking quick snack or drink you would like, Black Forest or burger, pizzas or pasta, pastry or patties, lemonade or lasagne, almost every fast food you could desire.

"Its popularity is not just because of its sumptuous menu but because it is run by magicians and mentalists. The Telepathic Take-away is a magical fast food restaurant, where they have your order packed & ready, even before you have placed it".

So saying you display a menu book and a packed take-away box.

Spectator selects an item from the menu and when the box is opened, there it is the very thing they selected from the menu book a bottle of milk and when the top is removed it proves to be a babies milk bottle.

The selection draws a sure-fire laugh, and not only have you correctly predicted their selection but the item is totally unexpected and will give rise to much humour and comedy!

Guaranteed to put a laugh into your show!

The effect and method are extremely straightforward and will appeal to all age groups and will connect to the audiences of today!

Comes with 'Takeaway' Box, gimmicked menu booklet, plastic milk bottle (use your own milk) routine & instructions.

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