Easy Money Magic DVD

Easy Money Magic DVD

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Ten super routines with coins and banknotes (no fake props)by Aldo Colombini.

Coin magic is usually very difficult to do, and requires sleight of hand and manipulation. In this DVD you will find ten very strong routines requiring basically no sleights at all!

I predict you will never stop doing them! The routines are:
HALF DIVINATION (Didier Dupré): You predict which coin is selected and if the coin is heads or tails up!

MONEY MAKES MONEY (Clayton Rosencrance): You display a dollar note, fold it, snap your fingers and a coin materialises from the banknote!

PIN-ATRATION (Anon): You wrap a piece of paper around a coin and stab a pin through the paper and coin. At the end the coin is intact!

BANKNOTE IN THE BEER MAT (Ken Brooke): A great bar stunt. Pick up a beer mat, fold it in four and remove, from the folds, a banknote which is coming from INSIDE the mat!

COPPER & SILVER (Aldo Colombini): Two coins, one copper and one silver, are wrapped inside a handkerchief and, one at a time, they penetrate the handkerchief!

IN WRITING (Karl Fulves): Three coins are placed on the table. The spectator chooses a coin. This is the very coin you predicted!

CHANGELING (Max Maven): Several coins are given to a spectator he FREELY picks any amount of coins and you show your prediction correct under your business card!

EXERCISE IN IMAGINATION (Ken de Courcy): A coin trick with NO coins! Yet you conclude the trick with much laughter and magic!

THREE-COIN TRICK (Arthur Carter): Three coins are on the table. One is selected and you predicted this coin!

REVERSE THINKING (Vernon Winiecke): A copper coin wrapped in a handkerchief, magically changes places with a silver coin!

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