Magnetic Golden Ring - Large 2.4cm

Magnetic Golden Ring - Large 2.4cm

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Exclusive Routines! This stylish Magnetic Golden Ring is designed for many years of use & can be worn all the time as you would wear any finger ring as it looks completely ordinary, but its secret magnetic power will always be available to you whenever you wish to use it!

The Magnetic Ring has already taken its place in the must-have magician's arsenal. And with so many applications in magic & mentalism, it is not surprising that this ring has become a magical classic in just a few short years.

Use it for the best ever penetration of a coin through a bottle, which can then be taken away by your spectators and they will never release the coin from the bottle without damaging it.

Use it for pseudo PK activity, penetrations, vanishes and much more! It’s the perfect aid for your close-up miracles.

Comes with the Magnetic Golden Ring & our EXCLUSIVE instructions with many fantastic ideas and is all ready for you to use straight away!

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