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iCandy DVD

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Welcome to Lee Smith and Gary Jones' brand new DVD set iCandy featuring a massive 15, that's right, 15 fantastic routines for the working magician. These are all featured in their professional working sets, so you know it's commercial, direct and to the point, This is pure iCandy that you will use.

*Kick Back Kings - one of Lee's favourite routines. A chosen card, lost in the deck reappears between the Kings! Or does it?

*Kick Back Kicker - the selected card jumps from your pocket and back again. You'll love the climax to this one, that'll fry their brains!

*T.N.T - a signed card is torn then restored VISUALLY! The spectator is left holding an impossible prediction!

*Easyfone 10 - how would like to leave your clients with the perfect memorable souvenir? Complete with additional routines and ideas by Gary Jones, John Carey, Cameron Francis & Iain Moran. The brilliant new routine from Lee Smith that's a real 'worker' for all magicians! The release for this has been slightly delayed due to the overwhelming response from professional workers that have been already featuring this routine such as Gary Jones, Iain Moran & Cameron Francis, they have all added bonus routines & ideas to Lee's original plot and these have all now been added to the project.

Each DVD comes with a special PDF containing several ifone 10 templates that you can print out yourself. You are also provided with templates that can be customised by you to add your name and contact details, imagine the perfect giveaway that can publicise you after the show!

*Easy Eyefone - Gary Jones' easy to do version of Eyefone 10 that you'll master in minutes!

*Scoop - your signature VISUALLY jumps to the spectator's signed selection. Anniversary Waltz with a regular deck!

*3C - a stunning multi-phase coin routine, perfect for the walkabout magician.

*No Palm Coins Through Table - if you want a self-working, super clean coins through table with no moves, well here it is!

*Ring to Purse - a transposition with a borrowed finger ring and a coin purse. Using Gary's clever utility.

*No Sleep - one of the fastest transpositions you'll ever see.

*Vanishing point - not for the faint-hearted! A very bold sandwich effect. Once mastered always performed!

*6-Card Dunbury - a great take on Charlie Millers' classic.

*One Short of a full deck - Brainwave with no rough & smooth and an added kicker which will knock 'em sideways!

*Pocket 2 pocket 2 pocket - Gary's famous pocket to pocket sequence, where the signed card jumps from pocket to pocket to pocket! Fast, furious and real i-candy!

*Triple Choice - three selected cards are lost in the deck only to be found by a series of flourishes, each one getting more visual. Pure eye candy!

ifone 10 on iCandy! This idea was recently performed by UK magician Paul Zennon on TV and also as the opening to his performance at the recent "Gadget Show Live" at the NEC before audiences of over 7,000 per show!

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