ESP Card Magic Vol. 3

ESP Card Magic Vol. 3

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This is the third in a series of DVDs dedicated to tricks & routines using ESP cards. Howard Adams is certainly one of the most prolific & creative creators with regard to ESP cards!

CIDENTAQUIN: One of the best routines with ESP cards. A spectator picks a card (free choice). You split the deck into halves & deal cards face up at the same time from both packets. Only two pairs will match (say the four Circles). The spectator's card is the remaining Circle!

SYMBA WONDA: The deck is shuffled & cut. Five spectators pick five cards each apparently totally at random. The five cards are one of each symbol. This is amazing!

PAKADUA: A spectator selects a card (free choice). She then shuffles the deck with the cards face up and face down. You deal seven cards face down taking them from both sides of the deck. One card is then picked and it matches the spectator's selection!

CELEBRITHREE: After the deck is shuffled a spectator cuts it half face up and half face down. He then removes cards from each packet totally at random creating at the same time three pairs. These pairs are matching (say two Circles, two Squares and two Stars)!

PREDICNIC: A prediction involving cards & coins. Great combination. You will never stop doing this clever effect!

TULEFTA: Probably the most famous trick by Adams. Two sets of ESP cards are shuffled & paired by the spectators totally at random. Yet the five pairs match!

TRIPLERSONS: In this effect a series of matching tests are conducted with three people!

REVERSEE: Duplicates of two cards selected by two people are found reversed in the middle of the deck!

CARD TO BELIEVE: You apparently find a person's mentally selected card and place it in the deck between two of its duplicates!

THINKARD: Two people mentally select two ESP symbols & you reveal them in different ways!

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