Spooky Plaques

Spooky Plaques

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Spooky Plaques is one of those items that packs flat at the bottom of your show bag yet is always ready to perform. The ideal way of magically wishing someone a ‘Happy Birthday!’ and also magically producing a birthday greetings card which they will keep and show to everyone.

It is also a superb and mysterious way of revealing the name of two selected cards.

You show two A4 size plaques on all four sides. Each side shows a comical looking ghost holding a blank message board. You explain that the names of the ghosts are “Enee-eeeeeee, Mean-eeeeeeeee, Mine-eeeeeeee and Mo-oooooooo. They are employed to bring text & email messages to magicians, from fellow magicians!”

The cards are laminated and so form two plaques with a friendly-looking ghost on each side. They will give you years of trouble-free service.

Two spectators each choose a playing card. You then show the plaques, they are placed together and given a shake when a jumbo replica of the first card drops out from between them and into your hand. They can now even be given to a spectator to hold in their own hands.

There follows lots of audience participation, humming or making eerie noises. The plaques are shaken and – nothing – no second card has appeared between them!

More humming & eerie noises by the audience and this time when the plaques are separated a colourful message has appeared correctly naming the second chosen card!

Alternatively a birthday card appears followed by a message saying ‘Happy Birthday 2 U!’ leading you all into that special ‘happy birthday song’.

Please note: The message appears on one of the message boards UNDERNEATH the plastic laminate and cannot be erased. Immediately both plagues can be passed out for examination and they will find nothing that gives a clue to how they work.

The little known method is most baffling! Professional ‘spirit mediums’ used it in the 19th Century to reveal chalk messages on slates from “departed loved ones.” Very easy to do and nothing else is used except the two laminated A4 boards, jumbo card and your own pack of cards or birthday greetings card.

No flaps or pockets, chemicals, chalk or anything similar is required. No sticky stuff and no switch of boards. Supplied complete (use your own playing/birthday cards) all ready for you to perform.

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