ESP Card Magic (Trost 3) Vol. 7 - Odd Bin Item

ESP Card Magic (Trost 3) Vol. 7 - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. The seventh in a series of DVDs dedicated to trick & routines using classic ESP cards. Nick Trost has created dozens of amazing ESP card routines, check out his previous two DVDs.

FACE-TO-FACE COINCIDENCE: You place three cards on the table and these are inserted into the deck by spectators. They find the very same symbols!

ESP SWINDLE: A spectator shuffles the deck at random, yet he's able to pair all the cards (two Circles, two Squares, etc.) all the way through!

THREE ODD COUPLES: The cards are dealt on the table in pairs and a spectator picks three pairs by placing three coins on them (free choice). These are the only pairs containing two matching cards; all the other pairs do not match!

FIVE-WAY COINCIDENCE: A spectator cuts a portion from the deck at random and when these cards are dealt the five Circles (or other symbols) appear!

DIE-ABOLICAL PROPHECY: You place a prediction in view. A spectator, using three regular dice finds a symbol in the deck. It matches your prediction!

ESP PREDICTION SUPREME: You place three cards on the table. Three numbers given by three spectators find three random cards. They match your three cards!

OUIJA MIRACLE: Using two regular dice, a spectator finds two matching pairs from a shuffled deck, oui, really!

DOWSING BY DESIGN: A shuffled deck is dealt in pairs. One card is dropped onto two pairs. These five cards are seen to be (say) the five Stars! All the other pairs do not match.

ESP COLOUR SCHEME: Five Stars and five Circles (or any other signs) are separated by a spectator even though he shuffles them totally under his control!

ESP TRIPLE COINCIDENCE: A unique effect! Three cards are selected by a spectator from a red-backed deck and you pick three cards from a blue-backed deck. The three cards are matching!

Running time approximately 42 minutes. 1 in stock.

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