ESP Card Magic (Howard Adams Part 3) Vol. 8 - Odd Bin

ESP Card Magic (Howard Adams Part 3) Vol. 8 - Odd Bin

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1 in stock. This is the eighth in a series of stunning DVDs dedicated to tricks using ESP cards. Howard Adams is certainly one of the most prolific creators with regards to ESP cards.

All these routines are self-working with no sleight-of-hand whatsoever.

DUFOBESP: From a packet of cards two symbols are selected. The matching symbols appear face up in another packet!

ESP 15: You reveal symbol cards selected by two spectators totally at random!

FOURTEENTOLD: A person selects a symbol. A prediction envelope containing some coins leads to the discovery of a duplicate design!

VOGNERIAN: Four matching pairs are found by a spectator from a shuffled deck, plus another selected symbol is revealed at the end of the routine!

PENCOIN: Two spectators each end up selecting a number of matching symbols from an ESP deck!

STRAIGHT CURVE: Here's a method of doing the classic "Miraskill" by Stewart James with ESP cards. A self-working miracle!

THE OTHER ESP TEST: Two sets of ESP symbols are shuffled several times by a spectator. Yet, at the end, he separates the symbols. Introduces a new principle that can be used in many other routines with ESP cards or regular cards!

QUICKEE COMES TO MIND: Two spectators select two symbols from a packet of ten cards and you find the matching cards to those freely chosen ones!

QUINTSETES: You and four spectators each select five symbols from a deck. When each person (and you) examines his five cards, they prove to be one of each design with no repeats!

GHOSTECTIVE: A ghost (blank card) of a famous detective locates duplicates of two spectators' selected ESP symbols!

Running time approximately 41 minutes.

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