Gyp Necklace

Gyp Necklace

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You show a pretty necklace made of classic white 'poppit' beads" hanging around your own or your lovely assistant's neck. You remove them and give them to the audience to be examined.

Then you ask anyone to call a number and let's say they give you the number seven. A spectator takes one end of the necklace and you or another spectator take the other end.

You ask the spectator to concentrate on their freely chosen number and when they get the urge they are to pull on the ends of the necklace.

Amazingly the string breaks at the exact chosen number of beads leaving that number in the spectator's hand!

You can then repeat the trick with different numbers and different spectators, making it the ideal table-hopping effect.

A real baffler that has stood the test of hundreds of performances and is truly something different in close-up and parlour magic. A feature effect you will enjoy performing and do so often!

Comes complete with the white-bead poppet Gyp Necklace & instructions.

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