Lift DVD

Lift DVD

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This long anticipated DVD by Nefesch is at last available and we have a limited number available right now.

Imagine being able to perform endless Mentalism effects using one single method. Imagine that method being the simplest thing to do.

Can you lift your own hand? Imagine being able to know what a person is thinking of by just lifting your own hand!

Now stop imagining, Lift exists.

Nefesch has kept this Mentalism technique, involving one single movement, close to his heart for years, now, he’s sharing it with the magic community.

Use Lift to achieve any mind reading act you desire.

Routines include:
*Psychological Draw Duplication
* Dreams
* Q&A
* Newspaper/Book Test & more.

DVD shot in high definition, over 1 hour & 45 minutes long.

Only £18.99

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