Ultimate Telephoney

Ultimate Telephoney

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Ultimate Telephoney was originally written to appear as a series in a magic magazine. Unfortunately the magazine folded before the series was completed. So these exciting effects, direct from Eddie’s own Professional work are being released in their entirety for the very first time!

The contents include: Tele-phoney, Tele-phoney Prediction, Tossed Out Book Test, Pen-Ultimate Tele-phoney, Ultimate Tele-Phoney and Stop Press Ultimate Tele-Phoney.

Every effect is completely practical and they have all been used regularly in Eddie's club, cabaret, close-up and corporate work.

For example: Three spectators each secretly and mentally choose a word either from a book or a playing card from a pack. Anyone in the audience using their own mobile telephone calls any of their relatives or friends anywhere in the world. The person phoned is requested to name any three words (or playing cards). Incredibly they name the very words selected by the three audience members! No stooges, no codes and no extra phone. It really is a show stopping sensation!

If Eddie, after fifty years in show business, was not semi-retired he would certainly not be releasing this outstanding stunner! It is one of the few effects with which he has received several standing ovations from his audiences.

Nothing is held back. Once you have got together the simple props required (many of which you possibly already have) you will be able to feature this very shortly yourself with just a little handling practice.

All the effects are very easy to do.

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