Fruit Cocktail - Mr E

Fruit Cocktail - Mr E

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A colourful prediction effect using pictures of a variety of fruit that is ideal for close-up, parlour and table-hopping!

You pass out a sealed envelope for safekeeping to anyone –you could even send it in the post in advance of your show or have it displayed high in the air so that it never leaves the sight of your audience.

You never touch this prediction envelope again.
Several colourful, laminated pictures of various fruit are now freely displayed; there are no duplicates or fake pictures among them.

Any spectator now names any number (a free choice) between one and ten and the picture at that number is removed and handed straight to the spectator – there is no switch of pictures.

The other pictures are now spread across the table to show they are all different to each other and they really are, anyone can examine them.

Anyone opens the prediction envelope to find a number of lettered cards inside which and when these are removed and freely displayed they EXACTLY predict the chosen fruit!

Everything can now be left with the audience as there are no fakes of any kind involved.

*Spectator has a free choice of number – no force.
*Works every time and easy to do.
*Eddie’s intriguing subliminal persuasion presentation makes this a miracle!

This fascinating effect comes with all the colourful laminated cards approx A6 size 100 x 140cm (4 x 5.25 inches) together with the full routine & instructions all ready for you to perform!

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