A Very British Card Effect

A Very British Card Effect

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This is spiffing should you wish to perform an entertaining and mystifying trick using either Tarot or regular playing cards – and also giving a short reading!

You write out a prediction which is given to a spectator to hold, and please note that you never touch this again.

Using any pack of playing or Tarot cards – yes even a borrowed pack – you shuffle them and then lay out seventeen cards in the form of the British flag.

Sometimes called the Union Jack you point out that this forms four straight lines each containing five cards.

The participant indicates any one of these – absolutely no force and the other three lines of cards are discarded.

The line of five chosen cards is now laid out to form either the Cross of St George or the Cross of St Andrew (both of which are present in the Union flag)

You now show that these form two lines each containing three cards – again the spectator has a free choice of either line and the other cards are discarded.

The participant chooses one of the faces down cards and the other two are turned face upwards, at which point you start your reading.

Only one card is left after this, so your prediction is read out loud and this last card is turned face upwards.

And you have correctly predicted this very card!

The various layouts of the cards make this a fascinating and interesting effect that will capture your audience’s attention from the very first.

It is exactly the type of thing that a Tarot or card reader would do for their client.

Your prediction could be written on parchment paper and not only name the final card but give its characteristics to see if they apply to the participant.

In an alternative presentation the final card can be the only one turned face upwards in the centre of a second face down pack.

Lashings of other terrific prediction methods can also be used to good effect.

You are not limited to one card so this can be a different one at every performance.
Can be presented as a straightforward effect without the reading if that is not your style.

Comes with instructions and you can use your own cards and other properties.

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