Blooming Blossom

Blooming Blossom

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Blooming Blossom is a unique specialty item that is adaptable to any magician's style of performance.

A barren stem is openly displayed to your young audience and, quick as a wink, a beautiful red flower appears at the top! The flower can be vanished in the same way!

This appearance can also be performed in a slow manner using an "invisible watering can" to make the flower grow.

Or for your children's shows display the green stalk with no flower as you explain that you purchased a flower for your lady friend but lost the flower.

You tuck the flower under your arm as you go to pick up your magic wand and the children will yell that the flower is back on the stem but when you look it has gone again.

This is repeated several times each time when the children look the flower is there, but by the time you look it has vanished once more.

Eventually the children call their magic word and the flower head slowly and magically grows back on the green stalk. Great fun for all! An audience pleaser that is simplicity itself to perform.

Comes complete with the special feather flower (approx 13.5" long excluding blossom) & instructions.

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